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SiteViz Offers New Accessibility Checking Tool & Enhanced Photo Editing Features!

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Posted on 05/22/2017 at 12:00 PM

At Global Reach, we are always working to make sure our content management systems offer the best possible experience when it comes to editing your website. That's why we will be releasing an update to the SiteViz Premier content editor this week that will improve the way you create content throughout your website. This improved content editor will build on the ease of use that SiteViz Premier clients are already familiar with, but will also provide some additional features designed to improve the experience.

New Photo Editor from SiteViz.New Photo Editor Features

In an effort to allow our clients to be able to have more detailed control over their photos, the upgraded editor features an image tool with advanced settings. The Styles field allows you to add refined styles; for instance, you can now specify different levels of padding on either side of your image. The Stylesheet Classes field allows you to add any classes that our design team has designed specifically for your website.


Web Content Accessibility Checker

Accessibility Checker IconPerhaps the most noteworthy update that comes with this new editor is the Accessibility Checker. In the past year, Web Content Accessibility has become very important for websites. Updating a website to be in compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) requires three steps:

  1. Updating the underlying code of the website to be compliant
  2. Making sure all of the colors used on the website have enough contrast so that users with visual impairments are able to read them
  3. Updating the actual content of the website to be compliant

This last item is, in fact, the most time-consuming portion of making a website WCAG compliant. It also requires a lot of work from our clients, as they need to develop an ongoing commitment to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in order to ensure they maintain compliance as they edit or add new content to their website. While we train clients on how to maintain WCAG compliance themselves, these rules can be tricky to remember. Because of this, we wanted to provide a tool that would look for basic problems within your text and help you correct them. The new accessibility checker will review the content in the editor and notify you of items that are missing elements that would improve accessibility. For instance, if you are using an image on the page, but have not entered alt text for that image, the accessibility checker will notify you of this and provide a convenient way to add that text.

Accessibility Checker detects missing alt text.Accessibility checker detecting table error.

While this accessibility scanner does not detect the wide range of issues that we correct when we make a website fully compliant, it will be a helpful tool for you to use, either to maintain compliance on your website or to help you be aware of what content might be difficult for some users to access.

If you have any questions about this new editor or would like information about making your website fully WCAG Compliant, please contact us!

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