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Google's Economic Stimulus

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Posted on 05/15/2020 at 09:30 AM

Google Gives Back

This month, Google will begin providing up to $340 Million in free Google Ads Credits.

Economists predict that as many as 1 in 3 small businesses in the United States will not survive the negative impact of the economic recession caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  The Washington Post reports that 100,000 small businesses have been forced to close as a direct result of losses suffered from the economic strains produced by COVID-19.

Congress previously passed a $700 Billion bill aimed at supporting small businesses to curb the impact. From the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, to private grants, and SBA Loans, many small and medium-sized businesses have been actively trying to qualify for whatever they can.

Turning to the government for economic stimulus and assistance may not be enough during these trying times. Most agree that economic stimulus is needed to get our economy back on track, though they tend to disagree on exactly how.

The private sector may have some solutions. Google and other big tech companies have donated money to various Coronavirus relief programs and established programs to help people through these trying times.  

The New Marketer

Business owners have always held multiple responsibilities, but unique challenges have required that almost all businesses consider how they’re reaching their customers. Owners everywhere have become marketers. With millions of potential customers telecommuting or distance learning, small businesses are realizing they have a new captive audience if they can manage to capture their attention. Some turn to social media, others to Google Ads.

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$340 Million in Free Google Ads

Google has built its fortune thanks in large part to money raised through Google Ads. The tech giant decided it was time to give back through the medium, and has announced recently that they have begun giving $340 Million in free Google Ads credits to qualifying small and medium businesses.

How to Qualify

If you’ve been using Google Ads, you likely already qualify. Google stated that the grants can be used on any future ad spend across any of their ad platforms through the end of 2020. Though there is no minimum ad spend to qualify, companies who have spent money through Google ads in any ten of the last twelve months are eligible. The grant can be applied to future Search, Display, and even YouTube ads.

“How much are the ad credits?"

"The ad credit amount will vary by customer based on past Google Ads spend, and the country and currency where the business and Google Ads account is set up." - Google Ads Grant FAQ

Grow with Google OnAir

Ads Grant funding is not the only way that Google is trying to help. New demands and evolving business practices dictate that owners gain knowledge to become experts in digital skills that many have previously had no experience with. Google launched “Grow with Google” as a training program for professionals back in 2017.

The original program saw Googlers (Google employees) traveling around the country offering in-person training and guidance. Social distancing requirements and health concerns would make this program all but impossible, but this month they announced the launch of a new program. “Grow with Google OnAir” offers a similar service online.

Participants of the free workshop are given digital skills training including information about how to manage a business remotely and more. The program also offers registration for one-on-one training sessions for a more personal training experience.

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Distance Learning Assistance

Teachers across the world are slowly becoming Zoom meeting experts as they conduct class, encourage engagement, inspire, assign tasks, and adapt the class to an online format. Teachers will tell you that teaching classes normally provide interesting (and often stressful) challenges every day, but teaching remotely has the potential to kick the stress level even higher.

Keeping students engaged can be a challenge under normal conditions, let alone when they have dozens of distractions around their home to pull their attention. Google is trying to help by making distance learning more fun. Utilizing new 3D and Augmented Reality (AR) technology in their search platform (to see an awesome demo, check this out).

The new search features allow users to use their phone to bring virtual learning into their living room. The living room becomes a virtual zoo, an accurate skeleton stands in front of the student with indicators of the names of each of the bones, and more!

The key to keeping students engaged is keeping their curiosity. Teachers who embrace this have a much higher chance of connecting with their students, and Google’s new AR search tools allow them to do just that!

The AR technology allows users to explore, create, and even share their discoveries with ease, also boosting engagement and participation while turning any home into an instant learning space!

Mental Health Matters

Mental health is often overlooked. Daily exercises and meditations to stay mindful help, but social isolation can take its toll. Google has created a comprehensive collection of mental health resources for those struggling with depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental health issues.

“In a national survey released by the American Psychiatric Association in March, 36 percent of respondents said that COVID-19 was seriously impacting their mental health; 48 percent were anxious about getting infected, and 57 percent reported concern that COVID-19 will seriously impact their finances.” – Google’s Resources for Mental Health Blog

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Other Resources

These are just a few of the many resources that Google is providing to help the public deal with the impact of COVID-19. At Global Reach, we have been doing our best to provide insights, tools, and resources for professionals through a special collection of articles.

Our clients have turned to us as a trusted partner in digital marketing consulting services, refreshing their websites to grab attention, and for our SEO experts to help boost their organic rankings on search engines. If you would like to see how Global Reach can be of assistance to your business, contact us today!

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