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Business Takeaways from 2021 Google Search Trends

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Posted on 12/29/2021 at 10:00 AM

It's that time of the year when the Google Year in Search is released, and we get a peek at Google search trends year over year. Google search trends can be fun to glance at, but they can also provide valuable insights for businesses. Consumer behavior insights are invaluable when forming your business strategy for the upcoming year. 

Key 2021 Google Search Trends

We've extracted some key insights from the 2021 Google Year in Search results and will show you how to translate these insights into your 2022 business strategy. Check out these top 5 search trends and see how you can incorporate them into your business for an even more successful year!

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Outdoor Options 

The Trends: 

  • +150% Year-over-year (YOY) increase in searches containing "near me with outdoor seating"
  • +100% YOY increase in searches containing "zoo tickets"

The Takeaway: Even as things slowly inched closer to "normal", staying outdoors continually grew in popularity. Restaurants added or expanded outdoor seating, events that used to be held inside moved outside, and outdoor entertainment options became more popular. No matter your industry, find ways to work in outdoor events and/or activities in 2022. Retail stores can add outdoor pop-up shops, gyms can add outdoor workout classes, and restaurants/cafes/bars can expand their outdoor seating options. For industries such as law firms or manufacturing, have a booth at outdoor events such as fairs or city gatherings!

Self & Home Improvement 

The Trends:

  • +100% YOY increase in searches containing "sunscreen for face"
  • +40% YOY increase in searches containing "best time to take vitamin"
  • +100% YOY increase in searches containing "yard landscaping ideas"
  • +400% YOY increase in searches containing "budget small bathroom ideas"

The Takeaway: Industries related to self-care, interior design, home products, maintenance, etc. should capitalize on this! This can materialize in a wide variety of ways to a combination of strategies. Fine-tune your unique selling point or create a new USP. Offer free trials, new products, special offers, or start a blog to capture the growing market. Increase your advertising investment or try new marketing techniques that you haven't used before. This can include improving your social media presence and enhancing your digital marketing strategy!

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The Trends:

  • +100% YOY increase in searches containing "electric vehicle charging"
  • +30% YOY increase in searches containing "sustainability"

The Takeaway: It shouldn't come as a surprise that interest in and attention on sustainability is on the rise. Incorporating more sustainable practices has a myriad of benefits for any industry. Not only is it beneficial from a PR standpoint, but can also save money while simultaneously helping the planet. There are countless practices to adopt that promote sustainability. Here are a few easy ones to start doing:

  • Switch to paperless invoices/receipts 
    • A great way to attach links to socials and reviews!
  • Eliminate unnecessary/excessive packaging
    • Save $$$ on packaging materials 
  • Donate to nonprofits that promote sustainability 
    • A simple way to get started
  • Reuse and recycle
    • An oldie but a goodie! 

Giving Back 

The Trends:

  • +100% YOY increase in searches containing "volunteer opportunities near _"
  • +100% YOY increase in searches containing "food donation centers near me"

The Takeaway: Some of the same ideas surrounding sustainability apply to finding more/innovative ways to give back. The idea of business "giving back" can take on many different forms. Have a specific product or period of time where a portion of revenue gets donated to a charity or nonprofit. Start a social media campaign for a charity relevant to your business to draw attention and support for the charity. You can even take it up a notch and have a day of service at your company! This can be as simple as an office food drive or even taking some time out of the workday to have employees volunteer locally. This is not only a great way to give back to your community but to help get your business's name out in the community. 

Trying New Things

The Trends:

  • +50% YOY increase in searches containing "painting for beginners"
  • +60% YOY increase in searches containing "how to invest"
  • +60% YOY increase in searches containing "how to write a resignation letter"
  • +200% YOY increase in searches containing "calculator for home loan" from August to October

The Takeaway: With so many people trying new things, it's a great time to capture new customers. In addition to the strategy takeaways for home & self-improvement, make it easy for consumers to get started with your product or service. Add products or appointment scheduling links to your Google My Business profile. Include FAQs about a specific product or service. Encourage visitors to your website and social media accounts to contact you with any questions. Make it easy to be contacted by offering several different contact methods, from a phone number to an email to a submission form. This trend also presents a great opportunity for companies looking for new hires! Liven up the careers page on your website with videos, pictures, and employee testimonials. Highlight your culture and benefits and offer a starting bonus as an extra incentive. 2022 will be a great year to expand your services, product lines, and business in general, so take advantage of the opportunity!

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