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How Drones Can Elevate Your Marketing

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Image of a drone with a camera

Posted on 02/23/2022 at 10:00 AM

We’ve all seen some stunning aerial images on TV or social media, but have you considered incorporating them into your marketing strategy? If not, you could be falling behind the competition. More and more businesses, both big and small, are beginning to incorporate drone images and drone footage into at least one facet of their marketing strategy. What is the best way to use drone assets? What industries are aerial images best for? What makes drones such a powerful marketing tool? Let’s take a look! Disclaimer all aerial photos and videos within this blog come from Global Reach and its' acquired company Ceaser's Aerial Marketing. Check out our Instagram for weekly drone content!

Why You Should Be Using Drone Photography & Drone Videography

A drone camera captures views that truly get people’s attention. The unique perspective drone photography offers provides a myriad of benefits that set it apart from traditional photography.

drone photography of snowy woods by global reach

Eye-Catching: One inherent and primary benefit of drone photography is how unique the images are. Drone shots stick out from traditional photos and tend to grab a viewer’s attention and hold it for longer. 

A New Perspective: Seeing your business, property, event, etc from a birds-eye view gives a perspective that is unattainable without drones. Scale is amplified to show off bigger pictures and smaller details simultaneously. It’s a perspective we would not usually get that can be both aesthetically appealing as well as informative. 

A Layer of Sophistication: Drone photography adds an extra layer of sophistication and intrigue to website design, print advertising, social media, and more. Employing drone services to boost your marketing efforts adds a layer of professionalism that the competition may be lacking. 

Staying Current: As always, a vital factor of success for a marketing strategy, as well as a general business strategy, is staying up to date with what’s trending. As more and more industries begin using drone services, don’t let yourself fall behind the competition!

Can Drone Photography & Videography Be Helpful for Your Business?

When many people think of businesses using drones, two common trends emerge. Drone videography and photography have long been employed in real estate and hospitality to show off all angles and features of a property.

drone photography of real estate photography by global reach

They are also often utilized on the grand stage of Hollywood in movies or large displays, such as the drone show in the Tokyo Olympic opening ceremony. However, drones can be a valuable tool in nearly every industry. Just to name a few:

Agriculture: Drone assets can be valuable in a lot more ways than you may think in the agricultural industry. Drones can be great to map out farming land, to gain new insights, and create better plans. One great example of this is heat mapping! 

farm drone image from global reach

Manufacturing: Drone videos and drone photos can also be taken in larger manufacturing facilities. It is a great way to document your process and see your processes in action. The benefits of this range from safety monitoring to asset creation for digital and social media marketing. 

Seneca Foundry drone photo by global reach

Entertainment: This type of usage can apply to a wide array of industries and events. Theme parks, national parks, business events, and so much more can all benefit from aerial images. Broader scope images make great promotional materials and fly-throughs provide entertaining and informative content that can be used across many platforms.  

drone photography of boone speedway by global reach

Construction: Drone videography can be a great way to monitor progress, gather data, and create impressive time-lapse videos showcasing a project from start to finish. 

Insurance: Insurance companies can benefit greatly from drone videography through remote inspections. You can safely inspect hard-to-reach or dangerous areas without putting yourself in harm’s way. Aerial photography and videography also allow you to get both a close-up view and a comprehensive view of fire damage, property damage, storm damage, and more.  

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Nonprofits & Government: Nonprofits and government agencies can also benefit from aerial videography and photography! Government agencies can capture and showcase new projects such as community parks or tourism marketing materials. Nonprofits can show off the work they do or shed light on who or what they are working to help. A great example of this can be seen in wildlife conservation groups capturing large-scale images of the forest/river/preserves/etc they are working to aid. 

drone photography of national park by global reach

Putting Drone Assets Into Actionable Strategy 

Obtaining great drone photos and videos is only the first step. Incorporating these assets into a great strategy is a more complex and multi-faceted step. This is why hiring a full-service web design and digital marketing company can make or break the success of your efforts! Once you have the photos and videos gathered, edited, and branded what should you do next? Choosing where and how to use your assets is key.

Web Design: Aerial shots of the exterior of your business make great homepage images. Aerials inside larger buildings or manufacturing plants can add depth to relevant pages on your website. Professional drone images make your website look more professional and create a more engaging experience for visitors. 

Social Media: Drone photos and drone videos are excellent visual elements to weave into your social media strategy. Aerials of your building, projects, events, etc. can all boost your social media game. Not only are they eye-catching and professional, but they give you plenty of opportunities to reach a wider audience. Hashtags related to drones have a large following and can help get your account in front of more non-followers! These also tend to generate more engagement!

Print Media: Any aspect of your print media strategy can benefit from drone photography. An aerial photo of your business can elevate any brochure design, business cards, print ads, and more. 

TV Media: You’ve probably seen more commercials than you realize using drone videography. Sweeping shots of your business and your events can help create a polished commercial that can be repurposed for social media (YouTube) and your website! 

Aren't Drone Services Expensive?

Hiring a drone service company can seem daunting, and you may be tempted to capture some aerial shots yourself. However, in order to fly a drone for business/commercial purposes, you must have a drone license. Additionally, to capture high-definition, quality images and videos you need a high-quality drone. This does not come cheap. Another point to consider is the value of experience. The time, effort, and money that go into producing high-quality assets on your own would be far more costly than hiring an expert. 

Drone Photography & Videography for Every Budget

Global Reach offers aerial photography services that can be done as a one-time project. We can capture as many or few assets as you need to meet your budget. We also offer comprehensive digital marketing services where we not only gather the assets but also incorporate them into a successful strategy for you. Let us take your marketing and branding to new heights!

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