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8 Ways Hiring a Digital Marketing Team Can Boost Your Business

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Posted on 04/20/2022 at 10:00 AM

Professional digital marketing services are more comprehensive, customizable, and affordable than you may imagine. Hiring a digital marketing agency can grow your business in ways you never thought possible while saving you both time and money. 

Whether your business is big or small, new or old, or sells a good or service, a good digital marketing strategy is crucial. If digital marketing consultants aren't a part of your business strategy, you’re hindering your potential for success. Here are just eight (of the many) ways hiring a digital marketing team can help your business grow.

Completely Customizable Services 

You may think of digital marketing services as social media marketing and advertising, but there are endless services a skilled digital marketing team can bring to the table. A digital marketing retainer isn't a one size fits all package. One client may need help with social media marketing and paid search engine marketing while another client is an expert in both. 

Experience and a new perspective are things that can’t be discounted. A full-service digital marketing team will consult with you to see what’s going well, what needs work, and what you’re not doing that you should be. Advanced SEO tools, analytics tools, and reporting tools are also harder to come by without hiring digital marketing specialists. Retainers can be one-time project-based, monthly, or quarterly. They can be as many or few hours as you would like and can always be adjusted based on your specific needs at the time. 

The services discussed below are just a broad overview of a few of the digital marketing services offered by Global Reach. With Global Reach, you also have the advantage of expert graphic design, web design, and web development that many other companies don’t offer.

1. Copywriting 

General writing and writing for search engine optimization are completely different beasts. Writing to meet SEO best practices takes research, experience, and plenty of practice. Keywords, readability, tone consistency, internal linking, hierarchy, and countless other factors must be taken into account. Blogs, web pages, titles, FAQs, meta descriptions, etc. all need to be written with SEO in mind. Not only does this take additional experience and effort, but also pricey copywriting and keyword tools. Employing copywriting services allows you to publish fully optimized, well-written content with little to no effort on your part.

SEO score of a page optimization

2. Professional Photography 

The difference between good photos and great photos is masterful lighting, precision framing, consistency in tone, and file quality (among many other factors). Great product photography and location photography require high-quality equipment and editing software, not to mention time. In the world of business photography, drone photography and videography are becoming more and more popular. Buying an expensive photography drone and getting your drone pilot's license just isn't practical. Not all digital marketing companies offer drone services, but those that do can truly elevate your business. Learn more about drones in marketing!

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is a vital part of today's digital marketing landscape. A successful social media strategy is more than just posting pretty pictures and using lots of hashtags, it takes research. Data on what type of posts perform the best, what days and times are ideal for posting, and many other aspects are crucial to analyze. 

the best time to post on social media

With so many social media channels, there are different strategies to consider while trying to receive more followers and engagement. Optimizing an Instagram account looks much different than optimizing a Google My Business account. Digital marketing agencies can write well-crafted social media schedules, complete with custom graphics, to supplement individual posts you create yourself. This saves you immense time and effort, and most importantly, is tailored to support your other SEO efforts.

4. Detailed Reporting 

Performance tracking extends far beyond Google Analytics. Google Tag Manager, organic traffic reports, keyword reports, competitive analysis reports, and so much more are a part of day-to-day operations within a social media marketing team. These reports are vital to understanding and analyzing traffic and engagement. Without detailed reporting, strategy adjustments are essentially just a shot in the dark. 

organic traffic keyword report       search intent report

5. Ads 

From Amazon ads to Google Ads to social media ads, there are many factors to consider. Keyword research, demographic targeting, advertising regulations, QR codes, and budget maximization are just a few things to consider when running an ad campaign. 

Additionally, a strong paid media marketing campaign is most effective when combined with a unified copywriting and social media push. Advertisements require continual monitoring and maintenance. Throwing an ad or two out there and leaving them be is not effective. Continual adjustments are needed based on a plethora of factors. 

6. Understanding of WCAG & Website Health

Digital marketing consultants have a solid understanding of WCAG compliance and website health. These topics include a wide collection of rules and best practices that impact search engine rankings. A website audit and just a few key edits from those findings can result in an increase in traffic and search engine rankings. 

website audit report

While going through any digital marketing project, a DM team actively keeps these in mind while also correcting existing errors as they go. Part of a digital marketing retainer (at least at Global Reach) includes these reports and guidance on how to fix and avoid errors. This regular website management and maintenance is crucial for both search engine crawlers as well as the user experience. 

7. Saves You Valuable Time 

When it comes down to it, you can’t put a price on your own time and effort. Strategizing, learning, researching, troubleshooting, and all the aspects that go into good digital marketing take time. The time it takes you to do all of this takes away from the time you could be focusing on the other aspects of your business. Without an experienced team helping you out, you're likely to run into more than a few snags along the way.

8. Saves You Money in the Long Run 

Take into account just a few of the costs you would incur to accomplish the tasks a marketing team would provide.

The software: good SEO software does not come cheap as it is designed not for an individual business, but for marketing agencies with a number of clients.

The manpower: to enact a strong, comprehensive, and ongoing marketing campaign is not a one-person job. You would need to hire at least one full-time person or enlist current employees to pitch in, in addition to their regular duties.

Wasted money: without knowing the best investments to make when it comes to ad spending, purchasing software, photography equipment, and so on, you’re likely to spend more than the help of a digital marketing team would cost.

Opportunity cost: the gamble with time, effort, strategy, and money may not pay off. This could cost you time and money that would have been better spent elsewhere. 

The Bottom Line

Hiring a digital marketing company may seem like a gamble or an unnecessary expense, but that couldn't be more wrong. You form a partnership with a digital marketing team, so they understand your budget and goals before deciding the best way to achieve them. The possibilities for growth are endless, and you may find your business expanding in ways you never even imagined! 

An Expert Team at Your Disposal 

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